Ginetta G40 GRDC / Cup

Bought new from the factory in November 2016 (66 plate), this car has competed in five race weekends (2017 GDRC and 2018 G40 Cup) and in 2019 we've spent the year making improvements and getting to know the setup.

Main features
# Professionally set up and maintained before / after track
# Dry-stored
# 6,650 miles from new, regular oil & filter changes
# Ford 1.8 Zetec (dyno results available) with Ginetta spec / sealed: ECU & cam, Jenvey throttle body, Raceline sump, etc.
# Ginetta spec / sealed Quaiffe LSD
# 3 sets Ginetta TD 17" wheels (4x Michelin PS3, 8x Avon ZZR)
# Dual circuit brake system with adjustable pedal box
# Never been crashed or had significant mechanical failure
# Underside is good
# Crack to windscreen, as with all G40s
# Air conditioning still fitted and working
# Tillet B5 and Cobra Monaco (Ginetta branded) seats
# VBox twin-camera

Championship eligibility / features include:
# If you're looking to enter GRDC, G40 Cup, 750MC Roadsports or MSV Trackday Championship / Trophy, or just run a quick road/track car, this is an excellent opportunity to save money (including no VAT) and get a car that is properly set up, with some spares and fixes already done to weak points (see below).
# All standard GRDC championship spec seals, ECU and parts remain, including air conditioning, VBox, fog/reverse light kit, Protech shocks and Michelin PS3 tyres. The car is currently fitted with Quantum shocks, as used for G40 Cup. This car has never run in 2019 G40 Cup spec (with slicks) so we assume it to be less stressed. We have two sets of 17" wheels with good Avon ZZR tyres.
# Two seats (one currently removed) and harness sets, refilled extinguisher.

Modifications and fixes include:
Door hinges strengthened, cooling to brakes (can be blanked off for Ginetta competition), exhaust mounting strengthened, VBox mounting improved, new type dashboard (angled instruments, fusebox access from the front), long-view mirror, recently replaced alternator, recently replaced battery, new front rose joints, wiring to alternator strengthened, starter motor refurbished.

Setup includes:
Corner weighting and ride height to 86KG driver, toe, camber, brake balance, damper settings for Snetterton and Brands Hatch, dyno results available. This car can be eligible for Class D with ballast or Class C with some weight reduction. These cars have won class D in 750MC Roadsports and set class C pole in MSVTDC. Lap times with Avons around Brands Indy are into 0:56, and 2:18 at Snetterton 300.

Spares include:
Two sets of new discs, one set of new brake pads, oil filters, spare shims, battery trickle charger, two sets of keys with immobilisers, removable exhaust baffle (down to approx 97 db).



Drive-by at Snetterton 2019:
Onboard at Brands Hatch Indy 2019:
Race 2 Brands Hatch GP, 2017:


These first two images are copyright MSV Photography 2019.

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